Today I saw an ad for a poetry competition. It is something I have not done for a very long time.

It was sponsored by Moleskine which do some awesome notebooks which is sooooo my thing. And the prize was $30,000. True colours on something called VOCAL.

I might check this out later but for the moment I didn’t enter my poem because I would have to have a membership of VOCAL and I dont have the money to do the membership fees.

But here is my poem for you to enjoy. I think it encapsulates the way I see things.

I am not a binary,

Not a black or a white,

I am colour, I am vibrancy.

I am the dance of life in a swirl of rainbow forms.

I am the intermingling of light and dark.

I scream and whisper in tones and shades of purity.

Twirling and entwining,

 Patterns merge,

Like a sea of stormy colour,

Buffeting and rising up against each other,

Only to then calm,

 And gently ripple.

Every experience

 A spot of colour,

Every encounter

A spot of colour

A majestic tapestry of multidimensional form.

Woven of thought and feeling,

Of life’s colours

And only at the end can we see the full picture in its entirety

A life of colour. A life of meaning.

I am colour.